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Why selling a property in life annuity ?

Vacant or occupied life annuity ?

The LIFE ANNUITY is a transaction by mutual agreement which allows for one old person to make “liquid” its heritage by selling it to a third party, a physical person or family SCI.

As such, the LIFE ANNUITY represents a notable interest both for the SELLER and the BUYER. Especially as with the succession of the ECONOMIC CRISIS and the crisis of confidence towards BANKS, the LIFE ANNUITY knew how to find a surprising vigor.

Discover or rediscover the advantages of a product inherited from the ANTIQUITY which knew according to the History remain resolutely modern.

A life annuity is :

  • An improvement to his/her pension and its everyday life thanks to his/her property;
  • Plan its future and that of his spouse / her husband;
  • The possibility of staying in its good throughout his/her whole life;
  • Organize a succession and the transmission of its heritage in his/her lifetime;
  • An adaptable product according to the needs for everyone and evolutions of the life.

A life annuity allows :

  • To remain independent financially throughout his/her whole life;
  • The security of an accommodation for life (case of the occupied life annuity);
  • To benefit from an advantageous tax system;
  • To pay off debts with the lump sum;
  • To spend less (case of the occupied life annuity):
    • Reduction in the co-ownership taxes of 30 % on average,
    • No more land tax,
    • No more payment of the big works,
    • Decrease of the cost of the house insurance;
  • To have no more the concerns for the rents and tenants(case of the vacant life annuity).
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